muff ~ /mef/  (noun) - a mischievous hand gesture that delivers an open hand, slight head nudge to anyone caught looking directly at it.

The "Self Serve" Muff Tee by F.R.E.S.H. is inspired by Chicago culture, taking us back to Chicago high school hallways where any friend or foe could fall victim to the muff if caught looking. No one honored a muff if some uncool kid is holding the hand gesture in plain sight. The best muff's happened spontaneously,  accidentally glancing to your left only to find your best friend's hand in front view, and fall victim to the muff. This tee honors the Chicago tradition and invites the self serve to streetwear, so if you catch someone looking, make sure they serve themselves a muff on us.

Photographer: Philipe Diao | Twitter/IG: @flipfiao

Model: Brandon Adams | Twitter/IG: @BAAdams23

Location: Mikkeys Grill Chicago | 5319 S Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL 60615

With Love,