Fresh Connection Brand was founded in 2010 by Joshua Gadson and Kenny Kinder with the intent to make their dreams of creating an urban street wear line a reality. We set out to create products that marry our passion for fashion, education, and corporate appeal, with the grit and urban sensibilities of street wear. 

This dream was fueled not only by passion, but by a belief in ourselves and willingness to sacrifice. In a matter of 6 months, Kenny had moved from sunny San Diego, California to Chicago, to team up with Josh who had just sold his car to launch the first ever FCB FRESH tee products. 

After adopting Master P's "out of the trunk" approach for music with tee shirts, Fresh Connection had begun to reach and connect with Millennial street wear shoppers across the Chicago and tri-state areas. After just another short 6 months of operation, Johnnie Lovett joined the team as a new visionary for the group, and Fresh Connection Brand was born.

In 2012, after just two years of operating, Fresh Connection Brand caught the attention of close friend and future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade, currently of the NBA's Miami Heat. Wade was intrigued by our story of coming together, and wanted to know if we could bring a concept to life for him called Team No Sleep. It was dedicated to his relentless ambition for returning to the NBA's most elite players and teams, and in that very year, Miami took home it's first championship since Wade's run in 2006.

In an amazing surprise, our first time ever seeing the first run of Team No Sleep shirts was on ESPN during Sportscenters post game media for the 2012 NBA Finals, with D-Wade posing front and center in our work. (Photo Credit: World Red Eye)


This led to a number of new FCB themed products that built off of the drive and spirit Dwyane helped us find, and it led to our Freedom Rebels, or REBELS mantra that exists today. For us, being a rebel is greater than going against the odds, it's about choosing to define who you are by what drives you, and not by the influence of others. 

Following our work with Team Wade, FCB went on to do a bunch of collaborative work with the likes of Microsoft Youth spark, Miller Fortune, Gumball 3000, NFTE Chicago, and even rap icon Bun B during 2013's Trillest Tour. Our mission for creating an urban street wear line had come and gone by the end of 2013, and with brands behind us like Microsoft and NFTE, we've created a something far greater than a street wear brand.


Our new purpose is in exploring how we can continue helping our clients reach and wow their audiences, while delivering one-of-a-kind apparel, merging our keen urban sensibilities with mass market appeal to reach today's urban Millennial.